Examples of Couponing Deals & Steals


Paid $0.33!! ~ Saved $14.25! ~ 6 Items @ avg of $0.05 each!!

Late night visit to Lowe's Foods and Bi-Lo on May 2, 2012!  So excited to get 3 bags tortilla chips for only 5-cents!!!

Got my FREE bagels from Bi-Lo for completing the online survey the other day and plan to do another survey from tonight's recipe.

Don't forget when you shop at Bi-Lo & Target to take your own bags!  Target gives a $0.05 discount and Bi-Lo gives a $0.05 per bag discount!

Harris Teeter (Super Double Coupons!)
Paid $6.47
Saved $27.39 
3 items @ average of $0.49 each!
April 23, 2012

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Target ~ Paid $6.16
GET THIS Saved $104.11!!!
14 items @ avg 44 cents each 

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  1. The best examples of my own personal shopping trips are found on our Facebook page. Please find "Ramsey's Adventures in Savings" on Facebook!