Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April and May: The Best Time to Shop at a Thrift Store

Why: To find a wealth of gems, hit up these merchants in early spring. “People tend to clear out their houses in April and May, causing donations of used furniture and household appliances to spike,” says Jennifer Byrd, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army. Credit spring-cleaning, too, for the huge selection of clothing that you’ll find this month.  (Source: Real Simple)
I think thrift stores including Goodwill, boutique resale shops, and consignment shops (like Plato's Closet) are a great way to recycle things you don't use anymore!  Donate, sell, or consign the clothing and other items your family no longer wants - it helps the environment!  Buy clothing, household items, books, and furniture at these stores to save money!

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