Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Time to Buy: June

Well, later this week we will all flip our calendars over to June!  Read below about the sales and deals we should see in stores as well as a list of in-season produce so you can save your family time and money!

Father's Day, Graduations, Weddings, National Dairy Month, Summertime!

Sale Items
Swimsuits & summer wear: Prices will start to drop in stores! 
Lingerie: Victoria's Secret will have their semi-annual sale this month!
Gym Memberships: With nice outdoor weather, gyms tend to lose memberships.  Now is the time to negotiate yourself a good deal!
Tools: Drills, saws, and techie products like GPS units are deeply discounted this month just in time for Father's  Day, graduations, and weddings!
Paint: Deep discounts are typically found on interior & exterior house paint this time of year.
Men's Clothing & Suits: Again thanks to Father's Day to bring on the sales for men's apparel, underwear, shoes, and suits.
Dishware: June is wedding season and that brings great finds on dishes for all (*wedding not required)!

Dairy: It's National Dairy Month! Should see sales on ice cream, popsicles, cheese, yogurt, frozen yogurt, eggs, butter, cream cheese, cheese, creams, and whipped toppings!
More Picnic & BBQ Sales: In preparation for July 4th you should see deals for condiments, charcoal, salad dressing, chips, & dips along with meats for grilling!
Champagne: With wedding season comes fierce champagne competition and great deals on the bubbly!
Beverages: Soda, bottled water, iced tea mix & bags for all that summertime activity!

Expect to see seasonal items including allergy & sinus medication, sunscreen, insect repellent, candy, pool toys, gardening supplies, paper plates, napkins, and coolers.

Expect to see post-Father's Day clearance items including themed ties, t-shirts, boxed deodorant/aftershave sets, greeting cards, tool sets, gift wrap, and gardening items.

Also see my post on June's In-Season Produce.

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