Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Publix Entering Charlotte Grocery Market

With the news of the Harris Teeter / Lowe's Foods store trade around and HT closing six of it's stores including two in my city, I have heard a lot of chatter about Florida-based mega grocery store Publix!  Here is a compilation of articles regarding the Publix entrance into the Charlotte market.
Publix is opening two locations just below the border in South Carolina near Fort Mill and is eyeing sites in Rock Hill for a third store.  The first Charlotte-area store with over 45,000 square feet is set to open in November.
With the recently announced strategy by Harris Teeter to tighten it's reign on the Charlotte market and Lowe's firming it's market west of Charlotte, I have a feeling Publix will be creeping north into North Carolina soon to fill the void left by Harris Teeter in towns like Gastonia and Shelby and break up this new "monopoly" Lowe's will hold.

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