Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Target 6.11.12

Here is a snapshot of my Target deals from June 11.

Target ~ Paid $15.68 ~ Saved $31.64 ~ 25 items at avg of $0.63 each! 

I did get my 10-cent discount for bringing my own 2 bags.
I'm a little annoyed with Target right now. I should have paid closer attention, but I was distracted. 
I should have only paid about $10.70 but my $2/1 Target Mobile Coupon did not appear on my receipt even though the register seemed to accept it when the cashier scanned it. Also, 2 of the Lunchables rang up at the wrong price and I am pretty sure the children's toothpaste rang up about 50-cents higher than marked on the shelf! And I had to remind the cashier twice to scan the bag discount.

I am going to Target today with a friend of mine so I hope to straighten this out. I hate overpaying for anything! Have you ever had Target issues like this?

Elly Pasour, one of my dear couponing friends asked how I got this deal and I promised to share the coupon matchups so she could try to get some of these same items.  Below are the details!

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